At Pixel Values, We believe that quality work and your satisfaction are our prime objectives. Thus we offer different flexible pricing models to choose from, so you can choose the best suitable plan as per your requirements.

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Fixed Price​

The fixed price model applies to those projects that have predefined end-to-end requirements and scope. We recommend this model to clients who are completely clear about the conditions and the scope of their projects from the start. The project will start once both parties are concurrent with each other. The client has to pay the extra fixed amount if they want any changes that are not part of the previous agreement. If the project is defined thoroughly then the fixed price model is the best way to get optimized outcomes meeting the deadline and within the estimated budget.

Hire Dedicated Developers

The hire dedicated developers model is apt for those clients who have the unforeseeable scope, long-lasting, and larger projects. We reserve resources on your behalf as per your requirement. In this model, you have total control over the resources you hire, and you can add new requirements or remove old ones to make most of this model. This model also helps the people who have life-changing ideas but do not have enough budgets and resources. Hire a dedicated developer to do your bidding and achieve the success that is in due. The hire dedicated developers model works as an hourly basis model, where you can hire our expert developers who will be working for you 160 hours per month, that is 40 hours a week. You can be free of the risk of investing in infrastructure, recruitment, and training.

Revenue Sharing

Pixel Values offers the revenue-sharing pricing model to give our global clientele maximum results at affordable costs. This flexible pricing approach enables both the customer and the service provider to face mutual risks and avail the benefits of a particular project. We believe this ‘slice of the action’ strategy could not only be the next game-changer but also boost the revenue of our clients. In this model, organizations that share the same vision as Pixel Values join hands together and come on the same platforms to see the path to success. Here, both the entities share the same risk and the returns on a particular venture.

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