Very colorful, high quality and relaxing game giving you an opportunity to explore the beauty of the rainforest as you experience real-life butterfly species and meet animal friends.

Over five days, you meet and discover the new creatures, see the environment change from day to night and rain to sunshine. Photograph each new find and dive deep into wondrous world of the rainforest!


– From the comfort of your own home escape to the colorful rainforest with Google Daydream.

– Experience the five unique days with different weather, and day & night changes to both the environment and creatures!

– Your objective is to discover 15 real-life species of magical moths and beautiful butterflies.

– Document the experience in your journal with photographs taken by YOU!

– Unlock cute sketches, illustrations, and facts with each new discovery about your butterfly friends and surroundings.

– Enjoy the colorful beauty of nature with ambient rainforest sounds and soundtrack.

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